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Why Companies Should Enshrine Corporate Social Responsibility:

There are several reasons why companies should enshrine corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a core part of their business strategy and they include: Positive reputation: CSR can help a company build a positive reputation among consumers, investors, and other stakeholders by demonstrating that it is operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. Attract and retain talent: CSR can help a company attract and retain top talent by creating a positive working environment and promoting a culture of corporate responsibility. Risk reduction: CSR can help a company reduce its risk by implementing practices that mitigate potential legal and reputational risks. Improved financial performance: CSR can lead to an improved financial performance by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Making a positive impact on society: CSR can help a company contribute to addressing the challenges facing society, such as poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation. Meeting stakeholder expectatio

How Did The Rapid Technological Developments Revolutionize Marketing?

Technology is constantly evolving and its rapid development has greatly impacted the way businesses market themselves and their products. The rise of the internet and social media, in particular, has changed the way companies reach and engage with their target audience. What is marketing? Marketing refers to the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. It is the process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Marketing includes a wide range of activities, such as market research, product development, branding, advertising, public relations, and sales. The goal of marketing is to connect with potential customers and create a relationship with them in order to drive sales and grow a business. Marketing can be done for a product, service, or idea, and can be targeted at both consumers and other busines

The Roles Of Budget Analysis And Budgetary Controls On An Organization’s Operations

Budget analysis and budgetary controls are essential tools for any organization looking to operate efficiently and effectively. These tools are used to monitor and manage an organization's financial resources, ensuring that they are used in the most productive and profitable way possible. In this article, we will explore the roles of budget analysis and budgetary controls in an organization's operation, including how they are used to set goals, measure performance, and make informed decisions. What is budget analysis? Budget analysis is the process of examining an organization's financial resources and determining how they can be used to achieve specific goals. This process typically involves identifying the organization's revenue sources and expenses and then comparing them to the organization's desired outcomes. The goal of the budget analysis is to ensure that the organization is using its resources in the most efficient and effective way possible and that any po